On Saturday 25th November Colin Burgin-Plews, known for his trademark Big Pink Dress, and Steve Green (aka Santa!) took a walk along the whole 13.1 mile Great North Run route to raise funds and collect presents!

Starting at 7am and braving icy conditions, Colin and Steve completed their challenge in three and a half hours. They reached The Bamburgh pub in South Shields with a sack full of Christmas toys and a fantastic £800 donated, which will help Metro Radio’s charity Cash for Kids put a smile on the faces of children living in poverty across the North East this Christmas.

Please note: this video contains some strong language!

Steve, who also works for Laffs4Kids sponsor Northumbrian Water, said: “I don’t want kids to not get presents or parents to have to be stressed about it. My mum brought me up as a single parent, we always had something at Christmas but it was never a lot, and I saw my mum really upset because she couldn’t get us very much.”

“It upset me that my mum couldn’t do that for us. It’s great to do this for disadvantaged kids. The way I’ve been trying to push it is that it doesn’t have to cost a lot to put a smile on a kid’s face at Christmas. But it’s really for the parents as well, because they shouldn’t feel that they can’t get their kids something for Christmas. It should be the one day of the year when every single person should be able to forget their troubles and kick back and relax.”

“A couple of years ago my wife and I went to a comedy night where the price of admission was bringing a toy for a kid, which I thought was a cracking idea. So we decided to start doing that more.”

“Colin does a lot of fundraising things and he suggested walking the Great North Run route, which seemed like a cracking idea at the time. We’ve been sharing a couple of things on Facebook and trying to get as much fundraising as possible, and it’s really just snowballed. We’ve received over £800 in cash donations on the route and we’ve managed to collect over 80 toys today.”

“We finished about 11.30 in South Shields. It was absolutely fantastic the support we were getting, the people of the North East are just amazing. Two 6’5” blokes with dresses and Santa costumes, it’s not something you see every day. Originally I hadn’t thought about wearing any outfit but Christmas is what this is all about.”

“On the route today we got everything from teddy bears to remote control cars to board games. There’s also sensory toys because parents of disabled kids have got enough things to pay for, so the money goes a little bit further. It’s something that’s really going to make a kid’s day at Christmas. There’s some kids who would literally have nothing, that shouldn’t be in this day and age.”

Colin and Steve would love to get their total up to £1,000 before the show on Tuesday 12th December, so if you’d like to support their amazing efforts please donate to their fundraising page!

Reporting via Newcastle Chronicle